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Welcome To Our Website

CHETANA TRUST, LEHEDI is a voluntary organization that believes in selfless Service. Service to mankind is service to God – a motto nurtured and practiced Wholeheartedly by Chetana Trust. It has been working incessantly for the upliftment of the deprived segments of the society.

In order to eradicate unemployment teachers employment, old age home, free computer Training, building hospitals, efforts to enhance education of the students, publication of News magazine like “Chetanabarta” for  awareness of people, Restoration of the dying art and heritage of Western Orissa, working for the social and cultural values;  It has successfully worked for such noble projects … earning love and regards from All corners. Day by day, it goes on increasing its sphere and quality of work only due To the immense love and public support.


sala budha
His Serires of writings " Sala Budha" were published regularly in a column of "Chetana Barta" form 2001 to 2005 which gave a new dimension to the Oriya literature and feature writing. His inputs towards history, philosophy and social problems of Orissa has established him as a writer of a unique style & latter were compiled in book form.