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Every life has a purpose; every breath has a cause….. 

On 7th August 1931, born to a lower middle class family was a child who was destined to bring about a great change in the poorest district of rural India… Adopted child of a health worker, Mr. Kapileshwar Mohapatra, shaped his dreams in a small village called Lehedi on the banks of river Mahanadi. He dreamt to change the face of rural western Orissa. 

A strict father, Gandhian thoughts & poverty shaped his character, right from a tender age he had realized the purpose of his life. At the age of 10 he ran away from house against the consent of his family members to join the freedossm movement. He passed matriculation in 1949 from Prithviraj Highschool, Balangir. From childhood a revolutionary, a voracious reader and social reformer, he gave up lucrative jobs and preferred to work as a teacher. In the tenure of teachership, he practiced Homeopathy and cured people free of cost. He was popularly known as a Doctor teacher. But , he could not continue medical practice owing to growing family needs and financial scarcity.

After taking voluntarily retirement as a government teacher he vowed to spend rest of his life in his village Lehedi, for the welfare of underprivileged rural people of western Orissa. Today, with the active support of his 6 sons, who work in the Bollywood film industy as established technicians and his eldest son Sabyasachi Mohapatra, who is an International award winning Film Director, he established ‘ Chetana Trust’. It may be noted that all his sons live together jointly in Mumbai with a single kitchen, inspired by him. Gradually he established the Gangadhar Charitable hospital, an old age home, a library, a free computer education facility, 35 rural coaching schools known as Chetna centres and two residential schools under the aegis of Chetna Trust in different part of Birmaharajapur subdivision. This changed the entire scenario of the backward zone of Western Orissa and started a revolution in the field of education and health. Now to add a feather to this, Chetna Trust is constructing a modern hospital with a capacity of 60 indoor patients and an operation theatre with modern equipments, which is in fast progress. Chetna trust organize health camps regularly and had organized a caner detection camp first time in western Orissa which had been attended by doctors from TATA memorial, Mumbai.

His contribution as a writer and an artist is also very remarkably honored by many reputed organizations. He has been conferred with Mahanadi Sahitya Samman from Mahanadi Sahitya Sansad, Sonepur and Dhawaleshwar Sahitya Samman from Dhavaleshwar Sahitya Sansad, Balangir. He has been awarded as best social worker of Sonepur district on Republic Day. 

Hindi telefilm “ Suryamukhi” , ‘ Pabli’ , ‘Pratisodh’ written by him and directed by his son Sabyasachi Mohapatra, photographed by his son Aum Prakash Mohapatra, edited by his son Rajendra Mohapatra, Art Director by his son Mantu Mohapatra and produced by his son Chintu Mohapatra have already been telecasted on Doordarshan. The documentary film based on the life of late Patna Maharaj, R.N.Sighdeo was widely appreciated which was made by films division for which he was the script advisor which was directed by his son Sabyasachi Mohapatra and produced by his son Sushanta Mohapatra. He was also one of the writers of the documentary film on Western Orissa freedom movement. 

His writings “ Sala Buddha” column published in the ‘ Chetna Barta’ has enlightened a new dimension in Oriya literature. His input towards history, philosophy and social problems of orissa has established him as a writer of a unique style. Now this book Sala Buddha has already been published. 

He has started “ BADIJATRA” annually to preserve the local culture which was in the verge of extinction. One of the important contribution of Chetna Trust is to make a documentary film “ Samadhi” based on the yogic culture of Sonepur with a reference to “ Badiyatra”. Chetna Trust is now focusing on annual “ Kapilshwar state Samman” for the neglected and unrecognized great talent of Orissa in the filed of Art, Culture, Education, Health and social Work. A born Karmayogi, even at the age of 80 he prefers to work at remote rural Orissa away from all of his loving family members, to educate the poor and rural . 

To transfer his unlimited dream into reality, he has progressed step by step and is still moving. 

Shri Mohapatra has brought about a revolution in the filed of education and health during the last 9 years in Western Orissa. The revolutionary message preached by him is to protect Human and Humanity. 

The continuous and never dying effort of this 80 years old man reminds us the familiar saying of ex-president Honorable Dr Kalam : “ A true teacher never retires.” So, as the saying goes:-

“ A mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires”